Double Rainbow over Casa De Verde

20180315-Comic-RRfJTG-Casa de verde rainbow-aa-Rim YES-Brand Boxes YES-1080x1080

This is a photo of a double rainbow over Salinas. I was in the backyard visiting my doggie in prison Zorrita, who is locked behind a fence because she was fighting her sister Dorcas.

I was petting and hugging my puppy when I saw this, and I snapped a few pictures.





Mister Green and Student

20180116-Comic-RRfJTG-Mister Green Math Girl Student-aa-Rim YES-Brand Boxes YES-1080x1080

I work as a substitute teacher. One evening while out a student came up to me and said “Mister Green, you were my math substitute teacher”.  I asked “Did you learn anything’? and she said “YES”.


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Common sense?

20171128-Comic-RRfJTG-Common Sense-aa-1080x1080

I have not been posting many of my cartoons lately. Frankly, the small feedback that comes from this WordPress site is demoralizing. I know that there are a lot of people who like my work, but few of you actually take the next step to LIKE, SHARE or otherwise show appreciation.

I will start posting regularly, i.e. mostly daily, starting sometime in January. Look for it, and please subscribe to my WordPress site and LIKE and SHARE.