Pence touches

20170707-Comic-RRfJTG-Pence touches space hardware-aa-1080x1080

The reason not to touch is that human hands have a microfine layer of oil on them that will leave a residue on whatever they touch. For a piece that may be subjected to temperatures of several thousand degrees, the oil film absorbs heat and causes a localized extra hot spot that can melt into whatever has been touched. I’ve heard that after space shuttle flights, especially first flights, the tiles will have multiple melted in spots that require the tile to be replaced before the next flight due to people touching before a flight.


Republicans have become the Death Party

20170623-Comic-RRfJTG-Hillary Clinton Trump GOP Republicans Death panel Party-aa-1080x108020170623-Comic-RRfJTG-Hillary Clinton Trump GOP Republicans Death panel Party-aa-1080x1080

If the Republicans manage to pass the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka Obamacare), there is a high probability I will eventually die homeless and sick. I have many pre-existing conditions, namely cancer survivorship, diabetes, obesity, and more. Insurance for me would be a hugely unaffordable thing, and when I inevitably have my first post-repeal health crisis, I would likely lose what little money I have, not to mention the ability to work and become destitute.

The ACA is probably the primary reason I’m alive now. I could not afford my medications, nor treatments for the several severe health crises I’ve had in the past few years.

I know there are many who would cheer the repeal of the ACA. Perhaps, some of those cheerers are reading this. Know that you are also cheering for my death and the deaths of many others. Perhaps you don’t care, and may even cheer my death so some millionaires may get tax breaks, but that’s something you have to live with because I won’t.

If the Republicans manage to pass this Death Bill, then they must wear the banner of the Party of Death for the rest of their own lives.